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Fun in Jizerske Hory

Jizerske Hory

This enormous range of mountains in the south offer a wonderful background for the towns of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou which are situated close to the border of Poland. Jizerske Hory is approx. 110km north of Prag and ranges almost to Krkonose in the east.

There are good and fast roads between Prag and Jablonec to Nisou, rep. Liberec, which enables drivers to reach these mountainous regions in less then 2 hours. Another quick link with the west european lands is possible by Dresden-Schmilka/Hrensko-Decin-Liberec-Jablonec to Nisou.

The highest mountain of Jizerske Hory is Smrk (1124m) which is close to the Czech-Polish border. The region is ideal for lovers of cross-country skiiers because of its long stretches covering many kilometers with countless view points along the route.

In Jizerske there are 4 large ski regions:

Bedrichov 8 slopes - easy/beginners (1 of which is illuminated), 7 ski-lifts and 1 childrens ski-lifts, approx. 62 km cross country tracks, ski schools and ski hire, 75km wandering paths.
Janov nad Nisou-Severak 5 slopes (easy/beginners), 6 chair lifts, 3 childrens ski-lifts, approx. 50 km cross country tracks, toboggan runs, ski schools and ski hire.
Tanvalder-Spicak 6 slopes of various levels of difficulty, 8 chair lifts, 2 childrens lifts, approx. 15 km cross country tracks, ski schools and ski hire.
Desna 8 slopes (easy to difficult levels of difficulty), 6 chair lifts, approx. 50 km cross country tracks, ski school and ski hire.

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